Drip Ice Cream is a cannabis infused craft ice cream hand-made in Portland, OR. Drip was developed by intimately working with passionate culinary visionaries, expert cannabis cultivators, extraction artists, and certified analytical laboratories to create a unique, consistent experience. 


Drip Team

Andi Bixel
Andi Bixel
I created Drip as a free pass to chill out, to use your imagination, to play and share with friends, or to dive into a solo project. I want to add new facets to people’s experience of cannabis. Ultimately it exists to remind you that it’s good to feel good. I’m just one girl who is wishing that every bite of ice cream we make translates into something that will move someone, or us all, toward a new way of life where we feel and appreciate the present, and can creatively inspire a beautiful future.
— Andi Bixel, Founder & CEO


Kathy Bixel

Meet the woman behind the Ice Cream. You can find her in the kitchen flawlessly performing precise culinary alchemy and emitting exuberant amounts of joy not found in most humans. She’s actually been told on more than one occasion that she may not even be from this planet - and we’re starting to accumulate some amusing evidence.